Platforms Project NET Parallel Programme


With its eighth edition postponed due to the pandemic, Platforms Project — Athens's independent art fair — has shifted its entire 2020 programme online, in an attempt to stay connected to its audiences and bring artists from different countries together. As in every edition of Platforms Project, this year's fair has a parallel programme of talks and performances, all of which are taking place online. There are 21 online lectures and discussions scheduled in English, Greek and French, as well as 22 performances and videos from participating groups. The parallel program also includes open studios at the Athens School of Fine Arts, and and educational programme for children between 4-16 years old from Dutch art platform EX MÊKH and the artist and art teacher Ellen Rodenberg. Platforms Project NET takes place until 31 May.


15th OF MAY 2020
17:00 Topp & Dubio, “In the future, all will be forbidden”, Topp & Dubio, (performance)

18:00 EULENGASSE, “…introducing ARTIST RUN PANELS”. Rapporteurs: Florian Adolph, Andrea Blumör, Harald Etzemüller, Jasmin Glaab i.a. (Τhe talk will be in English)

16th OF MAY 2020
18:00 Chicago Artists Platform, “Cocoons”, Rose Camastro Pritchett, (performance)

19:00 “Zero Fucks To Give”, rapporteur: Lanfranco Aceti (Τhe talk will be in English)

17th OF MAY 2020
12:00 “Trauma: The body of the society is sick. What about art?’’. Rapporteurs: Katerina Zacharopoulou, Amina Moskof, Bia Papadopoulou, Leda Papaconstantinou, Panagiotis Rappas. Moderator: Efi Michalarou (Τhe talk will be in Greek)

19:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “From the series Voice Over (A Poetry Reading)”, Holly Crawford (performance)

18th OF MAY 2020
18:00 CYBORG/ASMA, “Digital art today and its challenges”. 4 talks:
— “SCENE-Interaction, Abuse of Power and Digital Reality”
Athanasios Pallas, Associate Professor for Visual Arts-Digital Icon, Faculty of Visual Arts-School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

— “The Quarantine Culture- The Emergency Exit during Pandemic's Social Distancing”,
Anna Hatziyiannaki, Art Historian/Curator, New Media

— “Digital Art as an Interactive Medium of Expression”, (with the collaboration of Dr. Faye Tzanetoulakou and Professor Miltiadis Papanikolaou)
Markella Tsichla, Art Historian/Museologist, PhD candidate at University of Patras

— "The Presence of Digital Experience in life- Its' impact in the fullness or emptiness of relations",
Iordanis Stylidis, Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Thessaly
(Τhe speech will be in Greek)

20:00 “Gloves”, Lanfranco Aceti, 2018. Video performance with colored condoms. Production manager: Pascal Dreier, (performance)

19th OF MAY 2020
18:00 ASSOCIATION THÉÂTRE DIONYSOS ET APOLLON, “interview by Joëlle Montech and Alistair Martinin ”,Puerto Plata, Dominical Republic (The talk will be in English)

18:30 “One billion artworks available online. So, what;”. Rapporteurs: Yannis Spanoudis, Achilleas Pistonis, Soteur (Τhe speech will be in Greek)

20:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “Knowing Me Knowing You (A Deepfake Sensation)”, Rolina E. Blok & Alessandra Falbo, (performance)

20th OF MAY 2020
18:00 rosalux, “Untitled 2016_1969 (reenacting Dan Graham, Guggenheim Museum New York)”, Linda Weiss, (performance)

20:00 “Dialogues with Art & Artists’’. Journalist and art critic Efi Michalarou presents her book “in first singular & second plural’’ with 24 interviews with art people (Τhe talk will be in Greek)

21st OF MAY 2020
18:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “Who is Jaque Jolene by Ms Pearls”, Marcia Beatriz Granero, (performance)

19:00 Rhythm Section, “ A talk about the Project AMBIGUOUS UNAMBIGUOUS and our experiences”. Rapporteurs: artists of Group Rhythm Section, Dr. Ezgi Bakçay and Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck (Τhe talk will be in English). Live Talk with Zoom, Istanbul - Munich, 2020

22nd OF MAY 2020
18:00 Fragments of truth,"art book, is this a book?" Rapporteur: Louisa Karapidaki, Art historian (Τhe talk will be in Greek)

19:00 D.E.U.S, “video performance DEUS”, Christina Negrepontis, (video - performance)

23rd OF MAY 2020
17:00 Rhythm Section, "The Beautiful Formula", Daniel Geiger, Oleksiy Koval, Veronika Wenger, Michael Wright, Live Painting with Zoom Whiteboard, London – Munich, 2020, (performance)

18:00 Sepersepuluh, “Performing Objects”, conversation between Luca Bosani and Kelvin Atmadibrata, (Τhe conversation will be in English)

19:00 “UNESCO chair MA creation” and “Implicit Cultural Policies Part I, II & III”,
Rapporteur: Professor Milena Dragicevic Secic, PhD, director of the MA Unesco chair Cultural Politics & Managment, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.
20:00 "Feminist and Women festivals in the Balkans". Rapporteurs: Tatjana Nikolić. Curated by Daphne Nikita and Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos (Τhe talks will be in English)

24th OF MAY 2020
18:00 D.E.U.S, “DEUS”, Music “All as a possibility” by Jef Vanderlinden, poem: Christina Negrepontis, (performance)

19:00 "In the post-covid-19 era. Consequences in the artworld”. Rapporteur: Nicos Samaras (Τhe talk will be in Greek)

25th OF MAY 2020
18:00 Chicago Artists Platform, “From Studio A&W”, Nelson Armour & Kathy Weaver, Studio A&W, (performance)

19:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “Contemporary Printmaking - The Syrian ”. Rapporteur: Leigh Clarke (Τhe talk will be in English)

20:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “we could talk about spaces too”. Rapporteurs: Koenraad Claes & Remco Roes (intermerz collective) (Τhe talk will be in English)

26th OF MAY 2020
17:00 Fragments of truth,"live art books", Angelos Skourtis, (performance)

19:00 ID:I GALLERI, “Arts in the pandemic, the pandemic as Art”, Timo Menke, (reading performance)

27th OF MAY 2020
17:30 Embryo LLC, “I Need Help”, Shanina Dionna, (performance)

19:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “Conversation with a video painting”, Lee Wells (conversation - performance)

20:00 "Discussion with Michael Ashkin, Vassilios Doupas and Caroline May” (Τhe discussion will be in English)

28th OF MAY 2020
15:00 “The art scene in the french provinces: traps and challenges”. Rapporteurs: Béchir Boussandel, Clara Juliane Glauert, Guillaume Krick, Régis Perray, Nathalie Poisson-Cogez, Éric Rigollaud, David Ritzinger. Moderator: Luc Hossepied (The panel will be in French)

18:00 Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co, “Untitled Performance with Rolina E. Blok and Marc Hulson”, Alex Schady, (performance)

20:00 “Profiteroles”, Macklin Kowal, (lecture-Performance)

29th OF MAY 2020
18:00 ID:I GALLERI, “Unspeakable”, Alexander Mood, (performance)

19:00 11 Εργαστήριο της ΑΣΚΤ / 11 Studio of ASFA, talk-performance about project "TORA ΤΩΡΑTORA ΤΩΡΑ!", (Τhe talk will be in Greek)

30th OF MAY 2020
18:00 “ Contemporary problems of history and art criticism”. Rapporteur: Emmanuel Mavrommatis, Emeritus Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, President AICA Hellas, (Τhe talk will be in Greek)

20:00 “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back “, Stefanos Tsivopoulos (performance)

31st OF MAY 2020
16:00 EULENGASSE, "summing up our impressions – an ARTIST RUN PANEL“. Rapporteurs: Florian Adolph, Andrea Blumör, Harald Etzemüller, Jasmin Glaab i.a. and the public audience (Τhe talk will be in English)

19:00 ΟΡΙΖΟΝΤΑΣ ΓΕΓΟΝΟΤΩΝ - ORIZONTAS GEGONOTON, "Καλλιέργειες / Cultivations", Rapporteurs: Cultivators: Visual artists in conditions of isolation, analyze and chronicle the concept of cultivation. They are performing in front of their cameras, without an audience. (Τhe talk will be in Greek)