Greece's independent art fair goes fully online for its 2020 edition


As the largest independent event for contemporary art in Greece and one of the very few of its kind globally, Platforms Project offers a much-needed space for emerging and non-institutional voices to be expressed and engage in dialogue with the audience and their peers. Under the artistic direction of Artemis Potamianou — who also co-manages the fair with Michalis Argyrou — Platforms Project has consolidated itself as the most popular and successful example of an independent, artist-run art institution in Greece, earning the respect of local and international partners and building a vast network across dozens of countries.

What would have been the fair's eighth consecutive edition has unfortunately been postponed due to the global pandemic and the inability of its international participants to travel to Athens. In a statement released last Friday, Platforms Project announced however that "creativity and art don't stop", and invites its audiences to meet this year's exhibitors online. Swiftly adapting to current conditions and following the example of many other art organisations around the world, Platforms Project has established an online viewing platform in order to stage "a web-based art fair" from 14-31 May 2020.

The new platform, called Platforms Project NET, will host the sixty three platforms from twenty seven countries that are participating in this year's edition of the fair, representing a total of 800 artists. The public will be able to visit the fair's official website, where an interactive floor plan displays all participating platforms "installed in their digital stands". By clicking on each platform, visitors will be able to browse the artworks on display. According to the announcement, they will also be able to engage in direct, real-time dialogue with the participating artists as part of the overall interactive experience of the fair.

As in previous years, the main exhibition will be complemented by a parallel programme of lectures in Greek and English, as well as performances and videos by participating groups — all to be made available online. The complete programme of these parallel events will be announced soon on the Platforms Project website.

Lee Maelzer, participating with Cable Depot (UK)
Kostas Vrouvas, participating with Autobiographical Systems (Greece)
BIG - Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève (Switzerland)
Armour Nelson, participating with Chicago Artists Platforms (USA)
Klitsa Antoniou, participating with Museum of Forgetting/TILT platform (Sweden, Greece)
Nikos Podias, participating with IN VIVO (Greece)
Bonnie Peterson, participating with Chicago Artists Platforms (USA)
Stefania Tsoupaki, participating with Meta-frastes (Greece)
Timo Menke, participating with ID:I GALLERI (Sweden)
Amelie Laurence Fortin, participating with AMV (Canada)
Fan Ling Suen, participating with Ed Video (Canada)
Elisabet Kehagia, participating with ORIZONTAS GEGONOTON (Greece)
Cindy Dumais, participating with AMV (Canada)
Topp & Dubio (Netherlands)
Maarten Schepers, participating with EX-MÊKH (Netherlands)
Iordanis Stylidis, participating with CYBORG/ASMA (Greece)
Matt Bray and Darrell Hawkins, participating with BEASTON Projects (UK)
Fiona Mouzakitis, participating with Project 2 (Greece)
Maria Papacharalambous, participating with Binary art group (Cyprus)
Alexander Voutsas, participating with Meta-frastes (Greece)

The full list of participating art platforms in Platforms Project NET:

A Very Very Happy Gallery (Canada, Hong Kong)
ABC Gallery (Russia)
ACEY Europe (Greece, Cyprus)
AKA artist-run (Canada)
AMV (Canada)
ArtCode (Greece)
artplatform |elsewhere (Netherlands)
Autobiographical Systems (Greece)
Bcademie (Netherlands)
BEASTON Projects (UK)
BIG - Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d'art de Genève (Switzerland)
Binary art group (Cyprus)
Bureau d'art et de recherche, Roubaix (France)
Cable Depot (UK)
Chicago Artists Platforms (USA)
Come alone (Greece, France, Italy)
Cube Art Editions (Greece)
D.E.U.S (Greece & Belgium)
DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ (Germany)
Ed Video (Canada)
Embryo LLC (USA)
EN FLO (Greece)
EX-MÊKH (Netherlands)
Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co (UK)
Fragments of truth + LaLa Art Group (Greece)
Future Scenarios ( Netherlands, Greece)
GREYLIGHT PROJECTS ( Netherlands & Belgium)
IN VIVO (Greece)
JAW (UK), JuJe (Canada)
Κ4+1 project (Greece)
Kaktos Project (Greece)
ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Τhe Tinos Gathering (Greece)
Kunsthalle Graz - association for contemporary art (Austria)
Kunsthallekleinbasel (Switzerland)
Meta-frastes (Greece)
Mnky Bizz Group (USA)
mp43 - project space for the peripheral (Germany)
Museum of Forgetting/TILT platform (Sweden, Greece)
MUU Galleria (Finland)
penelope's webs (Greece)
personal identity (Greece)
Pow Wow (Greece)
Project 2 (Greece)
Rhythm Section (Germany)
rosalux (Germany)
Sans Titre, Tourcoing (France)
Sepersepuluh (Indonesia)
SHELTER Artists Run Space (Turkey)
THE M{}ESUM (Germany)
Topp & Dubio (Netherlands)
Tranformart Gallery (Serbia)
Y@oldnursery (Greece)

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Platforms Project NET
14 - 31 May 2020
Official website

Text by Kiriakos Spirou
Photos courtesy of Platforms Project

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