Yellow Equals One by Turbo Teeth


Yellow Equals One is the first solo release of Athenian musician and designer Giorgos Axiotis as Turbo Teeth. Recorded live between 2013-2016, the record is full of seductive beats, samples and synths that will make you put your earphones on and get lost in the city after midnight. The record was released in October 2017 as an edition of 300 copies and was packaged in a folded poster with artwork created by Jola818, G.Vik and Axiotis. According to the artist, the main artwork was meant to “combine something childlike with an intense physicality, adrenaline, surprise, contrast, deconstruction and humour.” This is why the two-colour airbrush illustration shows Dumbo the elephant being supported by two T’s “like a weird installation” and surrounded by different aspects of his own self. The custom record package also includes a set of ten stickers designed specially for the project by ten different artists.

An utterly captivating release that is a pleasure to listen to throughout, Yellow Equals One layers its irregular patterns and samples beautifully—especially in moments like in Chica’s Palindromes where a fragmented sound narrative is masterfully composed in separate voices to create a sense of uncanny synchronicity between its layers. The record’s final track lacks the compositional wit found in the other tracks, but compensates with innovative sound material, masterful mixing and well-executed rhythmic complexity and layering.

Released October 24, 2017
Recorded live & composed between 2013-2016.
Mixed by Panos Alexiadis.
Mastered & cut by Marco-Antonio Spaventi.

Artwork by Jola818, G.Vik & Giorgos Axiotis.
Sticker pack artwork by PH!D, HardIsTheOnlyWay, Yorgia Karidi, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Nodata, Matao Oka, Jola818, Sportex80, Xeerow & Cobra Nine.
Printing by Kostopoulos Printing House (
Photos by AAiikkoo.

In January 2018 a digital release with remixes of tracks from Yellow Equals One was released, where four musicians from Athens re-structure and re-model tracks from the original EP with a fully imaginative drive. 

Bill Anagnos carves a misty dub path through the sweaty streets of Chica’s Palindromes. Using washes of sound that stretch time & space, he progressively reveals a two-step intergalactic gem that echoes hard through the space vacuum.

Echo Canyon dials a quite different tone to Dial A Discos pt I & II, revealing an incredible ability to materialize and de-materialize abstract dance structures, using parts of the track like a series of magic wands, he casts spells repeatedly upon a dissolving and uncertain dancefloor.

Sister Overdrive takes his turn with Chica’s Palindromes misdirection mix, starting with treated fragments of the actual track and building up an explosive mix, that skillfully exposes & eventually upgrades the hidden meaning of the track, transforming it into a weird rave anthem for the few.

Last, but certainly not least, comes Elisabet Vogler (Panos Alexiadis) who attentively weaves an ethereal dream line between the actual track and its astral projection. Using a small fragment from Tropical Tape Transit (pt.II), she delivers an emotive spectral tape treatment, that could go on playing forever without ever repeating itself. A perfect closing gesture, which quickly sucks you into its own wormhole. 

These tracks cast a quite different light to the EP, revealing different takes that underline the eccentricity & diversity of Yellow Equals One

Digital release - January 13, 2018 

Remixes on Yellow Equals One by Bill Anagnos, Echo Canyon, Sister Overdrive, Elisabet Vogler.

Mastered by Panos Alexiadis.

Artwork by Jola818, G.Vik & Giorgos Axiotis.