Through the eyes of Nikomachi at Martinos


Nikomachi Karakostanoglou-Boutari wanders around the collection of MARTINOS antique store. Mesmerized by its unique character, she attempts to approach this exhibition with a twofold role: as the curator and as the artist. She highlights selected pieces from the collection initiating a dialogue between the maximalist character that defines an antique store and the minimalism of her drawings.

She positions her nudes inside the ottoman room (ontas); she juxtaposes her own golden drawings against a composition of female portraits since the 19 th century reflecting on the “golden era” that their Hellenistic aura provokes in the context of philhellenism. Three- dimensional, transparent, and full of intense colors, her minimal forms reveal a well-hidden pluralism that communicates with the diversity of the antique store. Nikomachi was born and raised in Athens. She studied Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business. She continued her studies in London, where she graduated from Chelsea School of Art (B.A. in Public Art) and Wimbledon School of Art (B.A. with honors in Fine Art). During her studies she developed the idea of “Sculpting Space”, a design concept that has underpinned her entire career as an artist and designer. All along, her abstract artwork has also evolved in parallel to her design projects. In 2011 she moved to Shanghai. During her three years in China she worked on the design and remodeling of dozens of outlets belonging to a leading restaurant group. This intense experience enriched her skillset, as it encompassed branding, graphic design, and social media. Thus the DNA of “Sculpting Space” has evolved to integrate Nikomachi’s solid experience with all contemporary design media into a 360 ο creative practice. Her studies in Chinese calligraphy have infused her work on capturing water and transparency. Upon her return from Shanghai, she has worked solely on her drawings, challenging herself with the scale of her art, as well as the materials she has been collecting throughout her journeys in the Far East. Light, movement, the relentless rhythm of everyday life or moments of silence are examples of the raw materials that inspire and make up her art and design works.


Opening: Thursday, 22/3/2018, 7:00 pm
Duration: 22/3/2018 - 28/4/2018
Open: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10:00-15:00, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-20:00
Admission: Free

24, Pindarou st, Kolonaki, Athens
210 3609449, 210 3607230