"Secrets" Group Exhibition by Athens Intersection


Athens Intersection presents the group exhibition "SECRETS", opening on Thursday the 26th at 20:00. In case you don't remember, Athens Intersection hosted und. Athens's pop-up showcase back in March 2017, and provided us with a lovely space on Vyssis street where we hosted exhibitions by Maria Efstathiou and Julius Christian Schreiner. Read the press release below for the complete info.

SECRETS | The World of Small Things

We are part of a living museum. Our recent history exists only as a treasured legacy of the past, before taking on new meaning. Original artefacts that have descended through many generations with such care, are now accounted unique and valuable items; as their mass reproduction and overuse have immersed them into the remote past. Only by mere luck are they preserved until today.

Secrets exhibition challenges us to surface past narratives and retrieve them into the culture of the present.

It is not by chance that the exhibition will be hosted in a historical building located on Vassilikis Street in the center of Athens. The original 1920’s private estate designed and built by Ernst Ziller in 1893, has adapted to re-use, serving over the years, multiple purposes, both commercial and private. It has been marked in the collective memory of the Athenians as the renowned "Park Hotel" in the 1920’s, later as a Brazilian textile company, and today houses the offices of the Hellas Group.

Our identity, memory and intergenerational links to the past, motivate 8 visual artists to take on the role of contemporary archaeologists and redefine everyday elements of our modern history. Their quest will reveal that true value lies in the process of discovery and revelation. Within a hidden, secretive setting, surface unimaginable yet genuine secrets.

Participating Artists: Ianthi Aggelioglou, Maria Louiza Biri, Eva Marathaki, Theodora Michelopoulou, Foteini Palpana, Ilias Polyhroniades, Philippos Theodorides, Ino Varvariti

Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos

Opening: Thursday, October 26, 2017
Duration: October 26 – November 10, 2017

1, Vasilikis Street, Agias Irini Square
1st floor
Athens, Greece 105 60



Urban Swarm
Choreogenic & co.
Site specific performance
Thursday, October 26, 17:30- 17:50
Skouze & Vasilikis Street, Athens

Movement study by parametric design: Nikos Kourniatis, Chryssoula Karadima
Choreographic composition: Georgia Antzampou
Co-creators - Performers: Pigi Lobotesi, Nadia Palaiologou, Mary Taliabe, Marilena Vlachosotirou, Maria Vlachostergiou
Original music: Sons of Zevedeus
Original music Remix: Themis Vasileiou
Coordination: Chryssoula Karadima
Communication: Konstantina Vourna

Final[5]: Mythical Cities
Theatre enCorps
Thursday, October 26, 18:00 - 18:55
Agias Irini Square

Concept, design & Performance: Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Sound score: Ana Sánchez-Colberg

Secrets exhibition is part of the Athens Intersection Cultural Program in collaboration with Athens Trigono, a program aiming at the comprehensive revitalization of the Commercial Triangle neighborhood.

Athens Intersection: Curated by Georg Georgakopoulos, coordinated by Fotini Kapiris, performance series: curated by Thanos Vovolis.


The exhibition is hosted by My Odyssey, member of the Hellas Group premium travel agency, specialized in exclusive, high quality travel services.