A list of listening resources to keep your mind flexed during quarantine


Staying at home, whether alone or with company, is taking a toll on everyone's mental health. Quarantined netizens of late capitalism are rediscovering the joys of radio, through podcasts and web-radio stations, some of which emerged just recently as a response to the global lock-down.

Movement restrictions and isolation seriously undermine the consistency of local communities and social bonds. Keeping in touch with loved ones and collaborators takes extra effort under these circumstances, so implementing self-care and maintaining a critical mindset are essential.

For the moments when you need something to keep you company or listen to a stimulating discussion, here's a list of some of our favourite podcasts and radio shows from Greece and beyond. Do you have a radio station or podcast that you think should be included in the list? Drop us a line at und.athens@gmail.com or a comment on our social media.

Photo by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

Athens-based artists Florent Frizet and Eric Stephany have organised a series of discussions with local artists, curators and collectors, as part of their project A Conversation with Athens. You can listen to all of them on demand in the link.

The Syrian and Greek Youth Forum created an hour-long radio programme, commissioned by the Movement Festival 1920-2020 organised by Onassis Stegi earlier this year. They titled their show Al'Athinioun, the Arabic word for "Athenians".


East is a Podcast is a radio show focusing on politics and history from the region of West Asia.


The Funambulist is adding a new series of short interviews to its already rich archive of podcasts. The series A True Moment of Decolonization is a daily podcast series featuring artists and thinkers commenting on postcolonial activism and art.


Together Against is a collectively-run DIY radio station with a clean-cut anarchist approach. It welcomes contributions.


Radio Alhara is a communal radio based in Bethlehem and Ramallah, Palestine. It "emerges in a time of isolation and boredom, a time when the future of the world as we know it remains unknown." The radio features mostly playlists by local artists and DJs and also welcomes contributions.


Experimental sound and music journal Revue & Corrigée has recently released the latest episode of WI WATT'HOUR, on the occation of March 8th and International Women's Day. Designed and produced by Elena Biserna and Carole Rieussec, with graphic design and online publishing by Lionel Palum, and contributions from Merce Almuni Calull, Caroline Boë, Juliette Bonnafé, Collectif de mobilisation Féministes Antiracistes & Café Congo, Fernando Fuentes, Julie Gilbert, Laëtitia Hell-Gonzalez, La Lleca, MEUFs, Natacha Muslera, Rocío Nejapa, Lorena Mendez, Non una di meno Milan, Radiorafales, Adriana Rodriguez and Claire Serres.

Π-Node is an experimental art platform for the development of a hybrid web/FM radio format. It has a large archive of materials and audio works, as well as an extensive library of resources on broadcasting and radio methodologies.

Visual artist Vasilis Botoulas has created an ambient music playlist on Youtube, which he keeps expanding.

Though technically not a podcast, the Gabriella Communication Department Answering Machine Commission makes the cut as an audio project available on demand. Artist-run space 3 137 in Athens invites a different artist every month to create an audio piece, which is then available on an answering machine. This month's piece is by Cypriot artist Natalie Yiaxi.


Infowar is a Greek independent journalism platform with a large archive of radio shows (content in Greek only)


Haymarket Books organised a live teach-in over Youtube with Naomi Klein, Astra Taylor, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, titled How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism. The whole session is now available on demand for free.