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We here at und. anticipate that, as the current crisis unfolds over the coming months, issues and needs will emerge that are not currently foreseeable. This is why we would like to organise an action in support of the Greek arts community and promote advocacy for the wellbeing of art practitioners in case the situation becomes critical.

Many of our readers are art practitioners based in Greece. Your insight is invaluable when it comes to decisions like this. Please take a moment to participate in the poll below and tell us what you think the community should do in order to prepare itself. Feel free to add your own answer if it's not included in the options.

UPDATE 01 APRIL: By popular demand, we are extending the voting on the poll we published on Monday. In the meantime, those who are interested to participate in organising the selected action can join the group Cultural Workers Alliance Greece, where we will discuss our next steps.

Multiple votes are possible on this poll. Please avoid voting for every item on the list, as this will skew results. Each voter can vote once per hour. If you want to change your vote, come back later. Voting is anonymous. You can add comments in the Results section. If you click the Other option, you can type in the box underneath the words "Please specify" (the box is white on a white background by mistake). If there is any other issue with the form, you can access the poll here.

What should the art community in Greece do to prepare itself for the unfolding crisis?
Protest the inefficiency of the Greek public health system
Petition the government to provide emergency support to the cultural sector
Create a crowdfunded emergency fund to support art practitioners in need
Create a crowdfunding campaign to eventually realise projects that were cancelled due to the pandemic
Create a support group for isolated and disabled members of the community
Organise the sharing of resources among the community
Create an online reference for foreigners in Greece, with translations of announcements and useful contacts
Create a community repository of food and medical supplies for those in need
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