Petros Poulopoulos at Efimerida ATH


One metropolis, two trips, eighteen images like an eternal memory from countless moments recorded by human eyes and the lens of the photo camera.

Photographer Petros Poulopoulos exhibits the frames he shot in the city of cities. People, buildings, dodgy neigbourhoods and landmark points, shot instantly or after a second thought.

How did a visitor see the more cosmopolitan area of the map? What impressed him the most? What "clicked"? What did he choose to take with him on his way back?
From Wednesday 31 January to Sunday 18 February the photography exhibition NY x 18 gives some answers in large size photography, in the basement gallery of Efimerida ATH.

Petros Poulopoulos - NY x 18

31 January - 18 February 2018
Efimeria ATH
Vissarionos 9 and Sina 6, 106 72, Athens
Tel. +30 2103648077
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 18 :00 - 22:00
Sat-Sun 17:00 - 23:00

The basement space of Efimerida ATH is listed in the und. Athens directory at number 12, as Daily Lazy Project Space.