Giorgos Tserionis at DL Gallery


DL Gallery presents on Friday 26 January 2018 the solo exhibition of Giorgos Tserionis titled «BUILDING A BABEL TOWER».

Giorgos Tserionis, following his participation in the 6th Biennale of Thessaloniki and the 7th Biennale of Beijing, presents his latest work at the DL Gallery.

His solo exhibition features collages of archival images processed in an origami technique, drawings with phrases on folded paper, ceramic sculptures and an installation that alludes to the tower of Babel. Part of the show is the installation of an imaginary room in the Babel Tower which examines capitalist growth in relation to human coexistence, the difficulties of communicating and our psychological distancing as a result of the dilemmas we set ourselves.

As observed by art historian Anna Mykoniati, in the exhibition “BUILDING A BABEL TOWER” Giorgos Tserionis presents two sets of works, wall-mounted compositions and sculptures, which attempt to pose the philosophical question about existence and the attainment of man’s universal truth.

The first set of works comprises drawings and photographic collages which attempt to correlate the image with speech as a medium for conveying knowledge and information. The drawings depict written pages that are folded or crumpled so as to either allow or prevent their reading. In his photo collages, by contrast, the archive material from National Geographic magazine is combined and folded using the Japanese origami technique to generate a new reading of the subject matter.

The second set of works is made up of a central installation of an “imaginary room” in the Babel Tower and a series of sculptures. The installation of various sculptural elements alludes to the tower of Babel as the symbol of a mental state rather than an edifice. A heap of black cubes-debris pointing to abandonment, the book as symbol of knowledge, the deer as symbol of beauty, nobility and intellectual development, and an unfinished structure—a model of the tower of Babel in the manner of Bruegel. The clay sculptures, whose different elements are combined into organic shapes, are wrapped in a mesh and acquire a tendency to rise and escape upwards.

Giorgos Tserionis lives and works in Athens. He studied graphic design at the Vakalo School (1988-1991) and painting, sculpture and art history at the Art & Philosophy Group under Roubina Sarelakou, Kyriakos Rokos and Yannis Papaioannou. Since 2006 he teaches pottery at KETHEA DIAVASSI. He is a founding member of the Provo Principles art group (2011 - to date). His works can be found at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Benaki Museum, in the collections of CITIBANK, ALPHA BANK, American College of Greece, Municipality of Eleusis, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Kostakis Collection, Kopelouzos Collection, Benetton Collection as well as in private collections.

Building a Babel Tower
Duration: 27/12/2017 - 21/04/2018
Admission to the exhibition is free.

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