Antonis Vathis at The Dark Side of Chocolate


One of the most iconic figures of the Athenian underground art scene, Antonis Vathis has been tirelessly producing "newspapers", self portraits and written commentary on life and art for decades. To mark the ten years of his "Mexico Times" series he presents an exhibition at a favourite spot on Solonos Street, the chocolate bar The Dark Side of Chocolate. Here's the story of Mexico Times penned by the artist himself.

The story of Mexico Times

In April 2008 I had published my first newspaper, "All time herous".

It was May 2008 when Mexico Times began. It's now my longest-running newspaper and with the most issues (111), and has that many more in drafts that will be published shortly. It's a newspaper for the Day of the Dead in Mexico, that covered at some point the first procession of the dead from the Acropolis station to Kolokotroni Street (unpublished issues).

It has participated in many events of Colectivo Balam, the association of Mexican artists and intellectuals in Greece.

Apart from illustrations with skulls and skeletons, on its pages have appeared letters of the dead, stories with condors and tequila worms, last wills of worms etc.

Around 2012 it was made by hand in large format. There are three volumes of 111 issues in A3 and later in two different sizes: A5 with binding and folded A4 (five to ten copies). It has been designed non-stop for ten years now, but financially it was impossible to publish all the issues. That's why it gradually got incorporated into [my other newspaper] Daily Vathis in special issues.

In the end it survived time, became a self-standing publication again and is handmade. Our commitment is to complete five volumes of 1-555 issues soon.

Thank you,
Antonis Vathis

Ten Years Mexico Times
02-30 April 2018
The Dark Side of Chocolate
Solonos 49, 10672 Athens
Hours: 08:00-23:00
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