Dionisis Christofilogiannis at HYLE(matter)


[Christofilogiannis’s new works are sculptures made from cork, metal, porcelain, oil on canvas and rice paper. Τhe materials are covered in holes which act as spaces of freedom. They suggest a way of looking at the world through limitations, as if one is in prison looking out at the world beyond its walls, but also through the uterus of the self and all that surrounds it. “The hole symbolizes the paradox of ‘the sense of freedom’ when one is limited”. “It depends on where one stands, inside or outside the hole. It is often the case that one looks through a hole, but one can also shoot through it. One can hide within it in order to scream and one can also die in there. Every so often in history, we come across holes in ancient statues and architectural locations which are interpreted as symbols of perfection, immortality, kindness and magic. Holes have formed part of various rituals. We also find them in ancient theatre, and more specifically on masks; there, openings were made large enough for the actors’ voices to be amplified. Volumes and shapes that reference organic forms, internal synapses and attachments of life, the centre of the psyche that can be either open or shut, the feeling of being trapped and the sense, or the illusion of freedom, the matrix of things, our ontological origins. These works seem to have been produced on the basis of a freedom born out of limitation, an impossible freedom which also constitutes our dark roots.] Fragment from the text “The freedom of limitation and the hole” by Thanos Sτathopoulos

Strict Freedom
Duration: 22/12/2017 - 02/02/2018
Admission: Free

1, Pireos Str., 10552 Athens