Blaqk at Temporary Duplex


The independent cultural foundation Studio 4, presents the sixth and last exhibition that takes place at the project space Temporary Duplex, which –as its name implies– consists of two parts and is temporary.

The room Temporary Duplex: The Laundry is housed in the space the Breeder gallery started. Up to date, the space functions as the warehouse and office of a tourist business, where –amongst other tasks– the daily laundry of the linen takes place.

Across the street, there is the room Temporary Duplex: The Lockers, in a space that functioned as the premise of the “Skordadiko” until a few years back; a garlicgrocer behind Koumoundourou square. Up to date, the main use of the space, is the temporary storage of luggage.

The remains of the previous uses and the traces of the main use are evident, both in the physical space of the business and in theoretically neutral locations of the web: a wooden door that brings island memories, a mirror window, signs only in English, the name of the business in google maps, along with code names of various apartments in the surrounding area.

The exhibition programme of Temporary Duplex concludes with the fifth solo show of the artist duo Blaqk, entitled Capturing the Moment, curated by Andreas Fakis.

Curatorial Text

The exhibition Capturing the Moment consists of art pieces of the artist duo that are being presented for the first time and belong in a new period, which acquires its key characteristics through the experiential experience of the creators themselves. A procedure that arises thanks to the non-segregation of personal and professional time; of calligraphy and geometry, from their other activities. The simplicity, the balance, the self containment, the complementarity and other notions of a more fluid sense that are embedded in Blaqk’s work, come to life in this way.

Artist Statement

In the particular series of artworks we have used two different elements that co-complement and co-balance each other. The three pieces in the Lockers space create a balance and function in a supportive way, while the larger-scale mural in the Laundry space is linked with the canvas pieces, forming a single composition that for us, expresses notions such as movement, repetition along with the very moment of their creation.

Blaqk: Capturing the Moment
Curated by Andreas Fakis
Duration: 27/01/2018 - 11/02/2018
Admission: Free

Temporary Duplex
16, Epikourou Str., 10553 Athens
Wednesday-Sunday: 12:00-18:00