Artist Opportunities —May 2020


Welcome to our monthly list of open calls and related opportunities for artists, curators, writers and others in Greece and abroad. The list is sorted by application deadline. If you want your open call listed please contact us at

Our friends at The Athens Zine Bibliotheque are organising an online DIY poetry workshop in which participants are invited to create and submit poetic work inspired by the DADA movement. Photos of the selected works will be published in a digital anthology/zine. Send your submission by 30 April. Read more here.

Prix Levallois invites photographers under 35 years and of all nationalities to submit works with no theme or format restrictions. Deadline has been extended to 02 May. Read more and apply here.

Taepyung Salt Farm X LAMPLAB are inviting artists working in photography, video, installation, sculpture, and sound to submit for a series of residencies and juried exhibitions that will take place in 2020-21 in South Korea. Deadline is 03 May. Read the full open call here.

The Live Art Development Agency for performingbordersLIVE20 is offering the opportunity to curators, artists, researchers, activists, thinkers and/or other professionals working in Live Art to submit proposals for two digital conversations exploring new perspectives on the relations between the ideas and the lived experiences of borders. The submission deadline has been extended to 07 May. Apply here.

Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and HALLE 14 - Center for Contemporary Art Leipzig have announced the third interdisciplinary exchange programme between Leipzig and Thessaloniki to promote exchange between the two cities. Artists and authors living in Greece are invited to apply for one of the two eight-week residencies in Leipzig, Germany. Deadline for applications is 10 May. Read more about the programme here.

Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden is offering a six-month residency to one artist in 2021. The proposed work should focus on the interface between art and science/scholarship, explicitly artistic intelligence and its implications for society and the culture of objects. Deadline is 10 May. Read the full guidelines here.

ARCUS Project offers a hundred-day residence for emerging artists or groups in Ibaraki, Japan. Deadline is May 12. Application and further information here.

The French Institute of Greece invites artists to apply for its two-month research residency on contemporary ceramics taking place in Rhodes, Greece. The program will take place in the House of France and it encourages artists to establish a dialogue between the island's cultural heritage and contemporary ceramic art. Deadline is 14 May. Read more here.

NEoN is commissioning digital artists at the first stages of their career, regardless of age, to create works addressing the themes of sharing and indeterminacy. The deadline is now extended to 20 May. Read more and apply here.

Eyebeam launches its new program Rapid Response for A Better Digital Future awarding grants and offering support to artists who will create actionable ideas responding to the question: how do we begin to exit surveillance capitalism as the dominating form of digital life and what can replace it? Deadline is May 21. Read full guidelines and apply here.

REAKTOR is now accepting applications for its cross-disciplinary programme taking place in Vienna, Austria. This year the submitted concepts should explore the potential of visual arts to be experimental, yet timeless, with particular emphasis in space-defining art. The work will be realized during a 1-2 week’s residency in July 2020. Deadline is May 31. For application guidelines and form read here.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has announced the 6th edition of the Jameel Prize, open to artists and designers of any age coming from any ethnic, religious, or cultural background. The works submitted should have a clear link to the culture, history, art, craft, or design practice of the Islamic world. Deadline is 31 May. Apply here.

Blue Bee Gallery is accepting submissions for the Summer 2020 online edition of Blue Bee Magazine. Deadline is 11 June. Submission guidelines here.

The Drawing Matter Trust invites writers and artists between the ages of 18 and 40, to submit essays for the Drawing Matter Writing Prize. The works submitted should contemplate the act of looking at drawings and what this reveals about the design process and the objects it represents. Designers or artists may submit an essay on a drawing of their own. Deadline is 19 June. For more details read here.

A) GLIMPSE) OF) magazine is accepting submissions for its current online issue, The Nest. Works will be published gradually until 30 June. Read the submission guidelines here.

Velvet Eyes is am independent platform for emerging photographers. They are now accepting submissions of photo series for May and June. You can send a link of your website, online work or a few images in low resolution attached to an email with your series description at You can also visit their submissions page here.

Phoenix Athens non-profit gallery is organizing an online programme for artists called Art Instead. There is currently no deadline for submissions. Read the announcement here.

The Emerging Curators Reading Club invites Greece-based curators to join its meetings occurring regularly both digitally and physically. Distributing and discussing a diverse selection of texts, the meetings aim to stimulate mutual development, knowledge exchange and feedback. Apply here or here. There is currently no deadline for applications.