Angelica Falkeling Weaves Feminist Gossip at Yellow Brick


When the seeds have grown, colored the garment, and been served for tea. What sort of pace and rhythm does a material give you? ’Syjunta’ is a combination of the two words sewing and guerrilla in Swedish. It is a soft word for craft related circles for conviviality in which participants, often women, meet regularly to sew, to knit, to quilt, to weave and to do embroidery. It is a place that holds idle conversations as well as political discussions. In Greek the word Πλέξιμο can be used for craft but also for social misunderstandings. The English expressions ’chew the rag’ is connected to the exchange of gossip some of these gatherings might hold as a weekly newspaper.

During her stay at Yellow Brick, Angelica Falkeling will conduct a series of workshops (closed to the public) in the tone, energy and atmosphere of sewing circles as a place for convivial learning, connected to her interest in intersectional feminist practices and cross-generational dialogues.

The workshops will contain embroideries, textile dying and braids. In collaboration with the local pharmacy a workshop will be organised as a form of exchanging knowledge and techniques with senior women. Also as part of the project will be the making of braids at the local hairdressers in the area of Kipseli, finalizing by an invitation to Yellow Brick for basket binding and Thesmophoria fiest.

The STEP 15 | Chew the Rag is developed with and at Yellow Brick and with the kind support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Angelica Falkeling’s (b. 1988 in Degerfors, SE) is a visual artist, and sometimes costume designer. She holds a BFA from Malmö Art Academy and International Academy of Art Palestine (2014) and an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute (2017). She is currently concerned about the politics of trust, and the power in vulnerability. Her writing draw from a practice of informal feminism, social intimacy and casual conversations. Her artistic persona often appears as a queer instigator, tailor and storyteller. In her collaborative practice Falkeling think through emotional adaption in relation to the social. She works in the mediums of performance, textile, costume, video, text, sculpture, and installations-as-stage-sets. It is a seasonal thinking practice concerned about the economical and ecological aspects of artistic production (in the scale of the domestic) from an intersectional point of view. Falkelings work has recently been seen and performed at Cripta 747 in Torino, CAC Brétigny in Paris, and In Watermelon Sugar at Poppostions Off-Fair in Brussels, and as part of 'History will be kind to me, for I intend to perform it' at PALS & Fylkingen in Stockholm.

Angelica Falkeling: Chew the Rag
10 Nov 2018, 19:00 - 23:00

Yellow Brick
Eptapirgiou 7
Nea Ionia, Athens 142 31
T +30 211 184 98 99
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