Void Effigies of Star Children by Hyperlink Athens


Hyperlink Athens presents an online audiovisual exhibition with works by twelve artists from different parts of the world. The exhibition Void Effigies Of Star Children (VEOSC) presents video works that relate to the quarantine times we are all living in right now. The videos include music from different genres, ranging from black metal and ambient to noise, drone and experimental. Originally planned to have been presented at Knossos Theatre in Athens, VEOSC will now be available permanently online, as "a continuous reminder for a bygone time", say the organisers, "when live presentations were impossible due to a pandemic."

Participating artists: Ami Bique (JP), Ange Halliwell (FR), Astro (JP), Iron Sight (DM), Kakushin Nishihara (JP), Kareem Lotfy (EG), Oxhy (UK), Shinigami Drip (JP), Tadleeh (IT), V3sta (GR), Yantan Ministry (DE), Yorgas Helmet (GR).

The exhibition is going to be available from 23 December 2020 here.

Exhibition poster
Ami Bique
Kakushin Nishihara
Iron Sight
Yorgas Helmet
Ange Halliwell