Unusual Self-Portraits at The Project Gallery


The Project Gallery presents its first group show at its new space in Monastiraki. The exhibition Unusual Self-Portraits is curated by Konstantinos Basios and includes works by 32 artists whose work relates to ideas of self-representation and auto-portraiture. According to the curator, this subject relates to the current “impassioned trend” for selfies, which allows for an “effortless return to a pictorial tradition on terms that favour digital technology.” Essentially a painting exhibition that is in direct dialogue with the western tradition of the self-portrait, the show expands into other media and materials in order to expand its conceptual scope. It is, as the curator states, “a revisiting of an old expressive choice under the light of an intense era”.

Nikos Lagos

Participating artists: Christos Alatsakis, Artemis Alkalai, Antonis Vathis, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Nikos Giavropoulos, Elli Griva, Laura Dodson, Babis Karalis, Michalis Kiousis, Amina Kort, Dimitra Kous, Nikos Lagos, Georgia Lale, Loula Leventi, Aggeliki Loi, Alexandros Maganiotis, Lambrini Mpoviatsou, Dimosthenis Mpogiatzis, Manolis Bitsakis, Ismini Bonatsou, Vivi Papadimitriou, Dionysis Pappas, Achilleas Papakostas, Manolis Pontikakis, Bessy Ralli, Sofia Skarogianni, Maria Spyraki, Lia Stamatopoulou, Dimitris Tataris, Vasiliki Tzouti, Kostis Triantafyllou, Elsa Charalambous.

Vivi Papadimitriou
Ismini Bonatsou
Alexandros Maganiotis
Artemis Alcalay
Dionysis Pappas
Lamrini Boviatsou
Maria Spyraki

Unusual Self-Portraits
Curated by Konstantinos Basios
18 Oct - 01 Dec 2019

The Project Gallery
Normanou 3, Athens 105 55
Tue - Sun 12:00-23:00
+30 213 043 6954

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