The Triumph of Love at Theatro STATHMOS

“For my eyes I answer nothing. Them can tell you that I love you,

but you can not accuse me for saying this to you”

In a male-dominated society, a young princess armed with the “weapon” of love wants to conquer the heart of a man by surrendering to him, both, her heart and her throne. The characters of the play adjust their clothes, behaviours and sexes in order to either reach their objective, or to protect themselves from their own self. By disguising and manufacturing masks, they aim to be socially acceptable. But what is the amount of freedom you get behind a mask?

Princess Leonidia disguises herself to a man as her will is to be near Agis, who lives isolated from a young age, in the garden of philosopher Ermocrates. Ermocrates, along with his sister Leondini, raised Agis in such a way as to hate Leonidia and consider her family and consequently her, the person responsible for the suffering of his family, as Agis is the legitimate successor of the throne she possesses. Leonidia, along with Korina – her servant- sets up erotic traps for Agis “guardians”, in order to restore justice and conquer his heart.

Accessibility Services

– Greek Sign Language Interpretation for the Deaf and hard of hearing

Sign language interpreters translate from a spoken language to a sign one and vice versa. The interpreter stands onstage, at a position with high visibility for the Deaf and hard of hearing spectators and follow the actors dueing the play (Shadow interpretation).

– Greek SDH Surtitles for the Deaf and hard of hearing

SDH surtitling serves the needs of the Deaf or hard of hearing audience by screening the dialogues and describing the soundscape of the performnace usually on top of the stage.

– Audio Description for the Blind and visually impaired

Audio Description is a service that allows access to events for the blind or visually impaired spectators. It is the verbal description of the event inserted in the silent moments between the dialogues. The descriptor considers the audiovisual material as a whole, observes the audiovisual text, decodes and re-encodes messages, stimulates the senses and offers the blind recipient the same data and feelings as the ones received by the non blind spectator.

– English Surtitles for english language users

The Subtitle technique, familiar to all of us through TV and cinema, is applied to live spectacles with the use of surtitles. Surtitles are usually screened through mobile devices, on or off the stage, serving the needs of the spectator that use different language than the one of the spectacle.

Sign Language Interpretation: HandsUp || Androniki Xanthopoulou, Giorgos Stathis
Audio Description, Surtitles: Kerasia Michalopoulou
Surtitles Operation: Xristos Papamichael
A.D technical support: Manos Georgakopoulos, LUDD Makerspace
Translation in English: Vassilis Manousakis, Thalia Halkiadaki, Manos Chronakis
Trailer in Sign Language: HandsUp
Creative Team

Greek Translation: Venia Stamatiadi
Director: Konstantinos Maravelias
Set & Costumes Design: Marios Rammos
Lights Design: Eliza Alexandropoulou
Movement: Angeliki Trompouki
Music: Anna Papaioannou
Assistant Director: Katerina Xristodoulidou
Set designer’s assistant: Thalia Sakali
Lights Operation: Vlasis Papapetropoulos
Dressmaker: Efthalia Kyritsi
Video Trailer: Dimitra Triantafyllou
Photography: Giannis Karampatsos
Graphic Design: Elli Sarrou
Production: Liminal | Christos Papamichael, Katerina Sarantidou
Communication: Cultopía

Cast (in order of appearance)

Fenia Shoina
Athina Sakali
Konstantinos Repanis
Nikos Tsimaras
Emilios Aleksandris
Iliana Mpaferou
Fanis Pavlopoulos

The Triumph of love

Performance dates: 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 of April 2018
Time: 21:00
Duration: 100' - no break
“Stathmos” Theatre, Viktoros Ougko 55, 104 37 Metaxourgeio, Athens
Tel.: 21 1403 6322
The theatre is accessible to wheelchair users and is provided with accessible WC.

How to get there

By metro: red line, Metaxourgeio station
By bus or trolley lines: 1, 057, 790, Α15, Β15, Ε15 (Peroke Stop)


General Entrance 12€
Students, group 10+, Companions 10€
Unemployed, 65+, People with disabilities 8€
*Seats for wheelchair users and seats for the optimal use of the accessibility services are provided.