Not About Cocktails: Spritz Palace at Thkio Ppalies in Nicosia


Thkio Ppalies Artist Led Project Space would like to invite you to the exhibition Spritz Palace, with Stefanos Chrysanthou, Kyriacos Kyriakides and Aris Mochloulis. The three young artists collaborated for the space’s first residency program upon the invitation of artist and curator Peter Eramian. Having as a point of reference the scandal surrounding Aphrodite’s Temple, a high-end brothel, the three artists interpret through their own vision and aesthetic the ways in which scandal affects personal and collective narratives. They thus develop (using video, photographs and installations) the narrativity of the murder of a real estate agent in which spritz, the decorative finish of many Cypriot houses, plays a central role.

Giedion once contended that every generation is faced with the same problem, to bridge the abyss between inner and outer reality. Bridging as a film set, a culture, a social fiction narrating particular values and hierarchies. Exposing a mise-en-scène is necessarily violent. A developer is spritzed* to death in a palace once conducting scandalous orgies by high-level government officials, currently catering establishment banquets. August 15, 1971, Nixon shock: the gold window closes and a free floating currency is implemented as the modern world's exchange-rate standard. The bridge between ideology and materiality draws its last breath before collapsing. The invisible hand is unchained, achieving unrestricted free-market-dom. Perception management: billboards whisper. While the abyss reigns, infinite transformability becomes the new ontological norm. A biopolitics of absolute bounded infinite openness. Commodity fetishism as worldview. Stranded in-between props neither serve a mise-en-scène nor stand on their own. Cronenbergian materialism ensues, social surrealism as everyday. From GOD to GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), often described as “free floating anxiety.” Triggers are unidentifiable. It involves unrealistic, exaggerated, or excessive worrying about normal, everyday events without apparent cause. Heatwave induced sincerity, boiling point. A mechanic threatens an overcharged customer with shotgun shells, simmering under the blistering sun of Cyprus, on the verge of exploding.

[*] Tyrolean flicker/splatter decorative finish & wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy.

Stefanos Chrysanthou was born by accident in Nicosia in 1996. He began studies in programming. He stopped in order to study multimedia in Limassol. In 2017 he collaborated with Neoterismoi Toumazou on a photoshoot and worked with them on the occasion of Art Athina, where he presented two videos in their booth.

Kyriacos Kyriakides was born in Nicosia in 1996. In 2016 he began his studies in Fine Arts in Bournemouth, which he now continues in London. At the age of fourteen he learned to add layers of spritz on the walls of his home and from the age of fifteen up until today he is utilising this skill at other construction sites.

“Μy name is Aris Mochloulis and I was born in London. When I was six my parents split up and I moved to Cyprus with my mum. After a few years of being called an English fag my Greek got better. Then I decided to go to Bournemouth; I spent one year getting fucked and one year getting bored. Last summer I helped Neoterismoi Toumazou with a photoshoot and DriveDrive with their sign and website and posters. I came back to England but this time to London. There I did one exhibition at Elmer and one performance at the British Μuseum and found my true self.”

Spritz Palace
Curated by Peter Eramian
07 – 21 Sep 2018

Thkio Ppalies
2B Kissamou Street, Pallouriotissa
Nicosia, Cyprus
T +35799495198
Wed–Fri 18:00–21:00

✍ Text by Peter Eramian

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