Softwear at Old Paper Warehouse Spiliotopoulos

"There is a time to abandon the clothes that already have the shape of our body,
and forget our ways, the ones that takes us to the same places.
It is time for the crossing, and if we do not dare do it,
we will forever be at the margins of ourselves.”

(Written by Fernardo Pessoa using 27 different personas to sign his work.)

Softwear is an exhibition curated by Alexandros Maganiotis, where soft textures, affiliations, dreams, thoughts and emotions are woven around the architecture of the body, rather than the computer. Softwear is constructed around the material presence of the body and of strings loosely attached to it, in a constant attempt, at the end of the day to re-design ourselves. Twelve artists were invited to negotiate and explore this concept of software and suggest new shapes of bodies structures or patterns using as medium fabrics or clothes.

Iakovos Volkov, ‘‘As if we were never together [vetements 01]”, 2016. Clothes series: found clothes and nails. Abandoned factory, Athens.

Participating artists: Anneta Spanoudaki, Claudia-Maria Luenig, Eleni Theofilaktou, Eozen Agopian, Evdokia Kyrkou, Petr Shenchenko, Sally Heard, Iakovos Volkov, Kostas Lales, Maria Kokkini, Yiota Apostolopoulou, Alexandros Maganiotis.

Softwear exhibition is hosted by Athens Intersection at the Commercial Triangle in cooperation with the Athens Municipality. The building of 3 Chrysospiliotissis Street which has been temporarily granted by the Hatzikonstas Foundation, has been given to the public after 17 years thanks to the Commercial Triangle, which aims to revive the area. The program of the municipality of Athens is supported by an exclusive donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN) with the cooperation of the Athens Partnership.

Athens Intersection is curated by Georg Georgakopoulos, coordinated by Fotini Kapiris, and the Performance series is curated by Thanos Vovolis.

Curated by Alexandros Maganiotis
19 – 26 May 2018
Tue - Fri 18:00 – 21:00
Sat 12:00 – 18:00 Sun 12:00 – 16:00

Old Paper Warehouse Spiliotopoulos
3 Chrysospiliotissis Str
105 60 Athens, Greece
Organised by Athens Intersection