2001 at OSK Studio in Pyrgos


In what is arguably the largest independent art exhibition of 2020 in Greece, street artists @Monos.cwtos and @silver.forms are organising an open day at their 17,000-square-meter studio in the town of Pyrgos. The two artists have repurposed an abandoned industrial space as their studio, where they have been working for the past two years creating murals on its walls and under its collapsed roof.

The exhibition “2001” is organised by Outer Space Kids, an informal group of ten artists who are working together to realise the project, and includes over 150 murals. Most of the works were created by @Monos.cwtos and @silver.forms, while others were created by guest artists during small residencies in the space. By staging such a laborious exhibition inside such a massive space that is also their studio, the artists are asking the question: “What is an art studio, what is an art gallery and what a museum?”

The exhibition “2001” is opening on Saturday 01 August 2020 at 19:00 with a one-day programme of installations, screenings, sound installations and fanzines. If you were looking for a reason to catch a bus and escape the city this weekend, this should do.

Watch the trailer here.

Photo by the artists.
Photo by the artists.
Photo by the artists.
Photo by the artists.

An exhibition by Outer Space Kids

Saturday 01 August 2020, 19:00
Pyrgos, Greece

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