Open Studio with Anne-Laure Franchette at Yellow Brick

Action 2 | Yellow Brick
Open Studio "New Philadelphia & Little Manchester” with Anne-Laure Franchette

With “New Philadelphia & Little Manchester” (part of ‘Mauvaises herbes’ research) Anne-Laure Franchette looks at local layers of time and materials.
The park "New Philadelphia" and Nea Ionia (aka "Little Manchester") are the basis of investigation.
The open studio takes place within the second phase of the research project "Mauvaises Herbes" which started in March 2018 at Yellow Brick studio."

Anne-Laure Franchette is a French artist and curator with a background in Fine Arts, Art History, Archeology and Anthropology.
Her present research is concerned with hidden layers and the systems of meanings that have been applied to nature, flora and seeds.
She is particularly interested in industrial history and the representations of nature as "neutral", "passive" and "decorative".
The research "Mauvaises herbes" started in Athens in April 2017 thanks to Y Residency, TART and the Victoria Square Project.

It is supported by the French Institute and developed at Yellow Brick.


New Philadelphia & Little Manchester
Date: 25 of April 2018, 19:30 - 23:30

Yellow Brick
7 Eptapirgiou St., Néa Ionía, Greece