Open Call for Ntezee Athens Queer Arts Festival


Ntezee Athens Queer Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festivals based in Athens. It proposes an eclectic programme of a variety of contemporary media and it is open and accessible to everyone. Its aim is to support new, as well as established Greek and international artists, to raise awareness about issues concerning the queer community, to share personal experiences and to encourage public dialogue that will highlight the act of freely expressing desire.

Video installations, exhibitions, walks, workshops, masterclasses, experiential art, performances will be part of the festival’s activity, which focuses on highlighting talent, supporting progressive thought and encouraging creativity.

The festival is comprised by a group of professionals with a variety of backgrounds closely related to the arts, activism and communication, as well as possessing strong personal interest in addressing issues related to queer identities. The festival is powered by the creative platform The Queer Archive.

Ntezee borrows its name form the Greek gay argot “kaliarnta” creating an direct link to local queer culture. Kaliarnta was created in the 1890’s and it was due to the need of the queer community to have a secret code in order to communicate freely. It is still being used in Greece. Ntezee means lust, desire. The festival is using this term as a vehicle in order to express creativity and communication within the arts.

The first edition of Ntezee Athens Queer Arts Festival will take place in 24-27 October 2019 in a variety of traditional and alternative spaces within the centre of Athens. Contemporary Athens is a metropolis of 5 million citizens, one of the oldest European cities with centuries long history and support of the arts and culture. A city which is clearly going through a renaissance.

All the artists and curators who would like to participate should send their proposals from 1st April until 31st May 2019 using this form.

Click here for the submission form.
Deadline: 31 May 2019

✍️ Text provided by the organisers

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