The Bad Poetry Social Club at MEME


In their first performance as The Bad Poetry Social Club in Athens, they welcome their aspiring friends or enemies at MEME gallery, which serves as the commune they will all live in for a day. The artists struggle to survive from each other’s teeth.

'Feed Your Enemies' is an experimental approach to poetry performance. Its duration is 4 hours. 2 hours of getting to know each other, 1 hour for dinner and 1 last hour for having a drink. You can come and stay for as long as you like. Interaction with you will be necessary. We want to talk to you. It's not your fault. It's ours.

"[...] The friends of our enemies, are our enemies too. And our friends, in the end, are enemies too. We walk on the corpses of others, and we walk alone. How long can you keep going when you're alone?

In the end, we can only win when we are together."

Realised by: Alexandra Epitheti, Panagiotis Vasileiou, Kostas Moody, Fani Grylli & Eleftheria Pavlou (Wolfpeach), Vina Sergi, Jeo Pakitsas, Tolis Tzelepidis

Photo by NOVE

M2M8​ is a 28 hours residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. ​M2M8​ takes place in the ​MEME gallery, Keramikou 28, Metaxourgeio​. Starting on ​Sunday at 14:00​, an artist will occupy the MEME gallery, on ​Monday at 19:00 the gallery will be open for public for The Vernifinissage.

Photo by NOVE
Photo by NOVE

M2M8 #4: Feed Your Enemies // The Bad Poetry Social Club
06 May 2019, at 19:00
Free entrance with donation box
(recommended contribution 6 euros)

Keramikou 28, Athens 104 36

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