A Boat Ride for Liquid Soul by SERAPIS Maritime


RODEO is hosting a small cruise, guide-through-the port after sunset where the inauguration of the work will take place.

On Friday 3rd May, after an informal walk through of All Souls Day II in the artists’ presence, the exhibition extends in the public space of the port of Piraeus where the audience will experience first and while floating the inauguration of Liquid Soul by the entity SERAPIS Maritime.

A symbol of the development of Greece and its port at the time, the Tower of Piraeus was an ambitious undertaking that, unlike many other constructions of its time which were in operation then and are now in decline, was never finished. The idle black giant that has stood empty since 1972 was built by the architects Vikelas, Molfesis and Loizos and the engineer Aristarchos Economou. For the first time in its history, the eighty-four metre edifice will be used for the production of an artwork and all twenty-two floors will be activated from within for the transmission of Liquid Soul towards sea and land from the tallest building in Piraeus.

SERAPIS Maritime’s work activates for the first time the whole building half a century later and transforms it from a symbol of unrealised dreams to a monument that honours the history of this port, the soul of Piraeus as a starting point and a spiritual push towards the future.

RODEO is hosting the small cruise where the inauguration of the work will take place, in co-production with the Municipality of Piraeus and the Days of the Sea, SECCMA Trust and those who wish to remain anonymous.

Time schedule for 3 May
Meeting at RODEO, Polydefkous 41 at 6 pm.
Discussion with the artists of the exhibition.
Leaving RODEO towards the port at 7.10 pm.
Gate E8 (Argosaronikos) boarding on the boat Georgios Broufas at 7.30 pm.
Departure 7.45 pm.
Return at the port 8.45 pm.

As the space in the boat is limited please RSVP until Thursday 2 May at info@rodeo-gallery.com

A Boat Ride for Liquid Soul
SERAPIS Maritime
Friday 03 May 2019, 18:00
Booking required

Polidefkous 41, Piraeus 18545
T: +30 210 41 23 977

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