Jasmina Metwaly at Sub Rosa Space


Sub Rosa is delighted to present Two Uniforms and One Costume, a lecture-performance by Jasmina Metwaly, within the frame of a collaboration with DOMIE (Poznań, PL).

Two uniforms and one costume
On filming, tailor making: what to duplicate and how and where to replicate.

"This lecture will be about reproducibility of a military uniform look, taking three uniforms of Sadat as a starting point for thinking about the derivative nature of an artwork, as theorised by McKensie Wark, vs Hito Steyerl’s poor image. Taking Benjamin’s aura and reproducibility as means to understand what happens to a garment once it travels from the space of a tailor’s studio and into a film set, I would like to trace one uniform and two costumes made by an Egyptian tailor (artist) for cinema and for a military parade to think about how the value of the work changes through its different repositioning and attached to it - legal enactments of value.

What is the value of a copy? Can a copy become an original piece if it circulates in the context of a museum? Who are the interlocutors involved in the touching the Original uniform or the Original costume? Here I will be looking closely at the role of the artist, the curator and the art handler at the Hammer Museum in LA.

I will also discuss as a backdrop to this story: 1) the ″Law 313″, under which any news about the armed forces can only be issued after being granted by the director of the military intelligence and the “new” 2014 Egyptian law that forbids importing or producing and wearing garments that resemble military uniform, i.e., replicating of khaki or camouflage patterns such as Multicam in the production of civilian clothing. 2) Video images produced by the hands of protesters of military interventions and violence against protests or sit-ins in Cairo the role of replicating and duplicating of the “poor image” looking into the potential role of an archive (in reference to an ongoing project 858.ma."
—Jasmina Metwaly

Useful references:

Jasmina Metwaly is a visual artist and filmmaker based between Berlin and Cairo. She studied painting in Poznan where she focused on time-based works with strong correlations to painting. She is co-founder of 8784 h project. Following the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Metwaly was a founding member of the video and social-media collective Mosireen and collaborated with the filmmaker Philip Rizk, promoting video activism and “document unrest”. More recently, she has spent time in the studio and in residency in Italy, reflecting on the tumultuous past with a renewed focus on artistic practice and its specific audience. She is interested in the points of intersection/division between single-channel image, video and documentary filmmaking. Metwaly’s work has been exhibited locally and at international art venues and festivals including Townhouse Gallery, Cairo; 7th Berlin Biennale, Berlin; Forum Expanded Berlinale Film Festival 2014, Berlin; International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012, Rotterdam; Kings Gate, London; Virtual Museum, CASZuidas, Amsterdam, BWA, Wroclaw; amongst others.

DOMIE is an artistic, economic and architectural experiment of collective self-care, based in Poznań, Poland.

Sub Rosa Space is an independent platform for performance and critical discourse, located in central Athens.

Jasmina Metwaly: Two Uniforms and One Costume
05 Nov 2019
Doors open 20:00
Performance 21:30

Sub Rosa Space
Praxitelous 37, Athens 105 60

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