Four Artists Reflect on "Perfectly Blue" Versions of Masculinity at AMOQA

K-Gold Temporary Gallery presents its first event in Athens, titled “Perfectly Blue”, a research project curated by Christos Mouchas. It comprises « Glow In The Dark », a film by Stefanos Tsivopoulos screened at Athens Museum of Queer Arts as well as an online residency at the platform’s Instagram account with works by Louis Fratino, Pacifico Silano and Justin Corriveau.

With the selected works, the research examines what we call a “man” today. Besides a ludicrous separation into blue and pink clothes for infants, masculinity and the roles attributed to it form viewpoints, and identities as well as become reasons for discrimination and inequality. Furthermore, they are part of an arbitrary binary that oppresses whoever differs from these convoluted and rigid behavioral motifs – essentially, the entire spectrum of gender and sexuality. Everyone is a victim of it, even if they benefit from it.

Louis Fratino, Winter Morning, 2017.

Within this deeply patriarchal and heteronormative context, the participating artists question men’s stereotypical representations and present four personal narratives that expand on the concept of masculinity, beyond a perfectly “blue” mode.

The film “Glow In The Dark” by Stefanos Tsivopoulos, which is screened for the first time in Athens, follows the story of Rakeem. The work is the portrait of a 25-year-old African American who performs in drag shows, a sensitive balance between the limits of his gender, race and body.

Stefanos Tsivopoulos, still from Glow in the Dark, 2016.

Three more international artists investigate issues of identity and sexuality with new works for an online residency at K-Gold Temporary Gallery’s account on Instagram (@kgoldtemporarygallery). Louis Fratino’s paintings depict the everyday life of queer men, Justin Corriveau’s digital collages mock symbols of masculinity in tongue-in-cheek style and ultimately, the photographic compositions of Pacifico Silano address the results of the AIDS epidemic and the way we deal with this past.

Stefanos Tsivopoulos’ film (Glow In The Dark, 2016, Commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Foundation New York) will be screened in English. Duration: 45 minutes. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the curator, Christos Mouchas and Kiriakos Spirou, founding editor of und. Athens.

Perfectly Blue
Curated by Christos Mouchas
13 Jun - 8 Jul 2018
Online residency: 18 Jun – 8 Jul 2018
Screening: Wed 13 June 2018, 21:00
Organised by
K-Gold Temporary Gallery
Instagram @kgoldtemporarygallery

Athens Museum of Queer Arts
und. Athens Directory no. 04
Erigonis 3, Athens 118 53
The space is accessible to
persons with wheelchairs.
Free Entrance