OpenStudios 2018 at Athens School of Fine Arts

“The performance—how it is done—that is the content of Art” — Josef Albers

This year for the second consecutive year, the postgraduate students at the Fine Arts department, and for the first time in collaboration with the postgraduate students of the Theory and History of Art department, open for three days the doors of their workshops to the audience. Initiated by the students, this collaboration between the two postgraduate courses at ASFA aims to create a substantial dialogue between artistic process and curatorial practice.

The artist’s workshop in the mythologising and history of art is often described as a place of concentration and contemplation, as the place where the miracle of creation occurs. It’s a place closed off for the many, the sanctum where only the few and chosen can enter. Nevertheless, the workshop has also been a place for teaching and apprenticeship in art, a place of meeting, discussion, negotiation, selling and even exhibiting works of art.

In the sixteen different rooms-workshops of the master’s course at ASFA visitors will be able to see the way each artist works. Every studio is a trace of the artist’s personality and of the uniqueness of his/her style. The intention of OpenStudios is to make the process each creator follows before the artwork takes its final form, visible. What makes such a visit special is that the workshops become more extrovert, which in turn reveals heterogenous bodies of work in a place of everyday cohabitation. As part of this collaboration, the theoreticians support the artworks in each workshop with texts composed after discussions with the artists. All participants will be present for the three days to discuss with the audience. 

Participating artists: Giannis Ananatidis, Antonis Kapnisis, Haha Kerasta, Eleni Kordali, Panagiotis Lianos, Thanks Makris, Lambrini Markou, Maria Mavropoulou, Renata Metheniti, Eleanna Mpalesi, Alexandra Nakou, Anna Papathanasiou, Ada Petranaki, Lysimachos Polychronidis, Evi Roumani, Irene Ragusini, Myrto Samara, Sokratis Fatouros, Myrto Christou, Stella N. Christou.

Participating theoreticians and art historians: Valia Grimba, Giannis Karadimas, Mina Karatza, Eirini Karagiozidou, Alkistis-Maria Kontopoulou, Nikoleta Leventi, Polyxeni Marlitsi, Katerina Mpousia-Alexaki, Adrianos Trikas-Pandis, Christina Papoulia, Sofia Chrysafopoulou.

OpenStudios 2018
Duration: 3-5 May 2018
03 May, 18:00-22:00 (opening)
04 May: 12:00-20:00
05 May: 12:00-20:00

Athens School of Fine Arts
Piraeus 256, 106 82 Athens, Greece
Closest metro: Kallithea
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