Apparently You Can Steal an Artwork from Naya Magaliou's First Solo Show

The art space Alibi presents “Notes”, the first solo show of Naya Magaliou.

In this exhibition, the notion of ‘theft’ surfaces as a means of examining the issues of monetary value, not only in the art market but also in the greater cultural sphere. This is influenced in part by the book chapter: The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception, by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer where in it is postulated, amongst other things, that the mass production of cultural products underestimates the intelligence of audiences and endangers ‘higher art forms’. In this work, Naya chooses to question the notion of higher and lower art forms, of the more and less valuable, through the hypothesis that the largest deciding factor of "good art" is theft, in one form or another.

Artwork from the exhibition. The text reads: "I urge you to steal this object."

Naya investigates the nature of "questions". Can a question be so blunt it becomes uncomfortable? Dare one give a direct answer? Dare one be honest? The question, “What is an object—what makes an art object?” is also raised as the issues of value and values emerge. A tension is generated between the aesthetics of the installation and the cerebral participation, and wish of the viewer to give answers to ambiguous questions posed.

Naya Magaliou’s work has been engaged in social and cultural matters often expressed through her interest in the written word, which has become an ever-growing concern. How words are combined, framed, presented, and their impact, is essential to her practice. She structures pertinent sentences which are meticulously printed on a variety of surfaces through the use of stencils, lino cuts, and other methods. The visual and compositional elements are just as important as their linguistic nuances. Often, the visual arrangement of words and phrases are used in repetition in order to achieve a rhythmical result. She strives to create repeated patterns which carry with them a tempo; an ebb and flow, so to speak.

Naya Magaliou, “Notes”

Naya Magaliou: “Notes”
31 May - 28 June 2018

Alibi Gallery
Sarri 12 Psyrri, Athens
Tu 12:00 - 17:00
Wed - Sat 12:00 - 20:30
Sun 12:00 -17:00
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