Ilias Vasilos at Depo Darm Contemporary Art Space


In his first solo exhibition at Depo Darm gallery Ilias Vasilos (born 1989) presents his new series of paintings and sculptures emerging from his research on the concept of fragmentation and the relationships he locates between the unit and the group, the microscopic and the macroscopic. Through oil canvases and painted wooden installations the artist makes a visual proposition in which the repetition of gesture and the mathematisation of the creative process becomes a “writing of time” — and given the rhythm of the works, they allow the creation of a virtual space for reflection and philosophical contemplation.

These works are created through many stages. First comes the fragmentation of the surface into smaller areas by masking the canvas with a grid of masking tape. Then the artist fills these smaller surfaces with colour — a repetitive process which he tries to organise by setting a system. This occurs mainly through mathematical relations and codes that in a way refer to the coding of language and other logical processes. Vasilos allows this rule to be occasionally overturned by instinct; as a result, the artworks at first glance seem to be made in a thoroughly rational way, but on closer inspection the disruptions of random emotional and unconscious interventions are revealed.

Focusing on the creative process itself, Ilias Vasilos incorporates the physical gesture of applying colour on each surface as well as the process of rationalisation and codification of the fragmented surface into the final work. The viewer sees not only abstract fields and layers of colour, but also the labour spent for their creation. At the same time this new body of work continues the artist’s personal research on the relationship of the unit and its subdivisions. As such, this is an attempt to gaze into infinity, an experience that visualises theoretical insight in which the mind seeks to put in order the chaos of natural phenomena like the rain, the transmission of heat or the subatomic structure of solids.

Ilias Vasilos was born in 1989 in Ptolemaida. He graduated from the department of School of Visual and Applied Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2014. He has presented his work in Greece and abroad and has participated in numerous group shows and art residencies such as the European Programme “FYSIS”. He lives and works in Missolonghi. “Fragmentation” is his first solo show.

Text by Kiriakos Spirou

Ilias Vasilos: Fragmentation
28 March - 15 May 2018
Extended 06 June 2018

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