Hermenaughtics at Notus Studio

As the body cannot be detached completely from experience, and memory from the human presence, thus information cannot exist without form. The technical features of a photograph are its exact description, but not its essence. Plato described a hell of ambiguity, not a utopia of existence when an item’s pure information consists of elements without a specific position, the restructuring of its form would have no impact as to its identity.

Daily we subconsciously recall automated patterns of knowledge, behaviour, interaction, processes with synchronous will and contexts of information that behave as symbiotic organisms. Libraries and lineages act through our simplest action, the metadata of our mental evolution, the filters of existence and the keys of civilization. Every group of information that constitutes an item, an action, a habit or tendency, is meaningless before we filter it through our collective subconscious will.

The purpose is not to know how to process data, but knowing from the beginning their final form. By assuming the end result, we will force its parts to adjust to their new reality.

Participating artists: Anastasia Lamprou, Caroline Pradal, Dimitris Tzikopoulos, Katerina Psimmenou
Project developed by Notus studio
Texts: Alexander Platis

Opening: Wednesday 2 May 2018, 20:00
Duration: Wednesday 2 May – Wednesday 16 May 2018
Hours: Everyday 17:00 - 21:00

Notus Studio
Karaiskaki 4, 176 75 Kallithea Attiki
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Photo: Work by Anastasia Lambrou