Eleni Tsamadia at Phoenix Athens


Phoenix Athens proudly presents the solo show “Some Colonies Are Less Important Than Others “ by Eleni Tsamadia. The show is a visual commentary on the current political and social situation in Athens. 

Tsamadia's paintings act as microscopes of this situation and depict the relationships of the individuals and their complexity, as they seek to form a community. Individuals are portrayed as microorganisms, an incalculable factor for humans which affects them directly.

The choice of a macroscopic scale is defined by the need to enlarge microorganisms in order to gain a better vantage point on human interactions and problems. By turning the invisible into the main part of her work the artist comments on the importance of the “boundary” in today's society by using painting as the medium of communication. 

Viewers are invited to reflect on the importance of individuals, the process of integrating them into society and, through the project boundaries, to understand their potential as autonomous organisms acting within a social context.

Eleni Tsamadia: Some Colonies Are Less Important Than Others
13 Nov – 12 Dec 2019

Phoenix Athens
Asklipiou 87, Athens 114 72
Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00
Sat by appointment
+30 213 0457868

☂ Text and images provided by the gallery

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