Caesura; or How to Question Mainstream Representations of Forced Migration

Caesura: A breath, a caesura in music representing a break or a pause.

The metaphor of caesura is used to signify the politics and poetics of injurious temporalities defined by wars, authoritarian regimes, and neoliberal governmentality, as well as by personal attachments, failed fantasies, uncompleted crossings and affective dispositions of limbo, suspension and waiting. Questioning mainstream representations of such states and the related objectification of people, the discussion will be based on the following questions: Is it possible to challenge the politics of biased representation and what kind of representations can move us beyond the bordered frames of linear historical narratives and fixed identities? What comes after and beyond the emergency reports? What are the challenges and limitations of witnessing stories of human suffering?

Caesura is the closing event of the series of seminars Mobilities in/of Crises: Critical Investigations. At this event, Georges Salameh will present a collection of six bodies of work which explore different trajectories in the journeys of people forced to flee from their countries for various reasons.

The work of the following photographers will be presented:
Shadows of Greece by Enri Canaj
Patra Palace by Alfredo d’Amato
Limbo by Valentino Bellini & Eileen Quinn
Fragile States by George Awde
Caesura by Demetris Koilalous
A discussion between the photographers and the audience will follow.

The event will be accompanied by the screening of the documentary Shingal Where Are You? directed by Angelos Rallis. After the screening, there will be a Q&A session with the director.

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Caesura: Closing Event of the Mobilities In / Of Crises seminars
31 May 2018

French School at Athens
6 Didotou Street, Athens
Thu 18:00 - 22:00
Free entrance
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