Cheapart's Fifth Exhibition at Thessaloniki International Fair Presents Over Sixty Artists and Parallel Programme


CHEAPART opens to its 5th exhibition at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair, welcoming the city’s art audience to a wide selection of Greek and international artists from September 8th to September 16th, 2018. Each year, hundreds of contemporary art pieces are viewed by 15,000 artlovers within CHEAPART's renovated booth, available to over 260,000 visitors within the TIF premises.

CHEAPART has become the most established art event within the Thessaloniki International Fair, the largest Exhibition & Conference Center in Southeast Europe with focus on promoting innovative business models from around the world. In this context, TIF / Helexpo invites CHEAPART to the Thessaloniki International Fair as an effective, ongoing exhibition and networking prototype, and organization that was the first in 1995 to open a new market for contemporary art and bring the artist into direct contact with the wide public. CHEAPART successfully overturned a closed and restricted market by maximizing opportunities for artists on a national and international level.

Artwork by Peter Max Lawrence. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.

CHEAPART merges its large family of artists and art audience with the vast public of TIF/HELEXPO. Over the last 23 years, the Organization has maintained continuous presence within the international art networks, introducing over 1000 artists to the public.

This year CHEAPART presents 25/25, a project-based dialogue between twenty-five artists and twenty-five jewelry designers, where original pieces of jewelry are presented alongside the works that inspired them. 25/25 is produced in collaboration with MOKUME Art Studies and curated by Fiori Dalla.

On Sunday September 9th, American artist Peter Max Lawrence engaged in an all-day durational performance under the title "Paper Waster Press" curated by Macklin Kowal. Lawrence produced a series of drawings in reference to American superheroes locked in a perpetual battle of good versus evil, evoking a commentary on heroics, self-exposure and withdrawal, triumph and failure.

Selected artists are invited by CHEAPART to be a part of the newly launched In Context initiative to develop large-scale installations within the exhibition space. Invited artists for In Context 2018 are Dorina Malliou and Eleni Tsamadia.

CHEAPART celebrates it’s 20th year at Thessaloniki 1998 - 2018 under the auspices and support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Department of Culture, and under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Greece. The Italian Embassy has selected CHEAPART 83rd TIF to be a part of “Tempo Forte Italy and Greece 2018”, the Embassy’s initiative to develop and promote cultural networks between the two countries. The auspices of the Embassy of Austria in Greece confirms the long-standing and successful collaboration with CHEAPART.

For the 5th consecutive year, CHEAPART is hosted within a pavilion on the premises of the Thessaloniki International Fair as a part of the 83rd TIF; highly regarded as the cultural proposal selected by the most established Exhibition and Conference Center in Southeast Europe. CHEAPART’s international profile includes artists from 8 countries, validating as the largest art event held in September at Thessaloniki. The Municipality of Thessaloniki actively supports events which power the city’s extraversion, accordingly, initiatives as such fall under the umbrella of the Department of Culture in the course of its dynamic developed over the recent years.

CHEAPART 83rd TIF is part of the European Exhibition Network organized by CHEAPART Non-Profit Cultural Organization. With primary focus on researching experimental ideas and promoting innovative artwork, the organization established an exhibition model connecting the local contemporary art scene with international art community. Since the first exhibition in 1995, these large-scale exhibitions have evolved into an Exhibition Network of 5 major European cities, Athens, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Limassol and Amsterdam, hosted in prominent art institutions and venues such as the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus, TIF Helexpo Congress Center Athens-Thessaloniki, Greece, and Loods6 in Amsterdam, and the Evagora Laniti Center, Cyprus.

Artwork by Thanos Intzes. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.

Participating artists: Andrea Evangelou, Anna Reschl, Antigoni Manolidou, Athina Chatzigiannaki, Babis Melikidis, Chrisovalanto Georgiou, Christos Alatsakis, Cleopatra Hatjiyiossi, Delia Gianti, Despoina Pantazi, Dimitra Zerva, Dimitris Pappous, Dorina Malliou, Eleftheria Christaki, Elena Kotridou, Eleni Kastrinogianni, Eleni Mylonas, Eleni Papadopoulou, Eleni Tsamadia, Elli Katsara, Elsa Boboli, Emanuela Mezzadri, Evdoxia Stafylaraki, Georgia Kontou, Giannis Roupas, Giota Papakyriakou, Giuseppe Tiberini, Ilias Mavrovas, Irene Rapti, Katerina Botsari, Leftheris Plakidas, Makis Fioros, Mantha Tsialiou, Maria Bacha, Maria Bourbou, Marializa Kambi, Marie Bouthier & Anouck Lemarquis, Marie Theophilou, Marion Fischer, Mary Cox, Melina Passou, Michalis Eliou, Nicholas Karathanasis, Niki Pagiasi, Nikos Lampropoulos, Ntia Manesi, Panos Koufos, Paola Adornato, Pelagia Kyriazi, Phaedra Crespi, Roberta Conti, Salvatore Cocca, Sandra Lane, Sarah Langoth, Simon Medici, Sotos Ioannides, Stamatis Papadimos, Stella Kechagioglou, Thanos Intzes, Thodoris Karanikas, Tzina Natsi Tzika, Vasia Bakogianni, Vasiliki Spyrou, Yiannis Bouloubasis.

25/25: Apostolos Kleitsiotis, Areti Stathopoulou, Aristea Xanthoudaki, Athina Stamou, Chara Christodoulou, Elena Vezyroglou, Ina Sarri, Jenny Moschou, Katerina Malami, Katerina Voulgaridou, Kostis Baharidis, Lydia Ioannidou, Maria Evaggelogianni, Maria Psarianou, Marianthi Lettieri-Kariki, Mina Markaki, Mirsini Bezourgianni, Penelope Trypkou, Tassa Theocharis Ganidou, Theti Vazaka, Vasiliki Sountou, Vaso Skopi, Otsis (Vasilis Tsoutsoplidis), Vasso Dendrinou, Yiannis Gounaridis.

CHEAPART at the 83rd TIF
Leftheris Plakidas
Georg Georgakopoulos
Fotini Kapiris

International curators:
Agnes Tatzber, Sarah Klimbacher (AT)
Christian Rupp (ARTmART / CHEAPART AT)
Afroditi Oikonomidou (IT)
Tasos Stylianou (CY)
Ismene King (UK)
Point Contemporain Valerie Tubas, Daniel Guionnet (FR)
Maria Xypolopoulou (FR)

CHEAPART 83rd TIF / Parallel

Curated by: Fiori Dalla
In collaboration with MOKUME Art Studies

"Paper Waster Press" by Peter Max Lawrence
Long Durational performance
Curated by: Macklin Kowal

In Context 2018
Invited artists: Dorina Malliou, Eleni Tsamadia

Artwork by Dorina Malliou. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.
Artwork by Giuseppe Tiberini. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.
Artwork by Mari Theophylloy. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.
Artwork by Marion Fischer. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.
Artwork by Sarah Langoth. Photo by courtesy of Cheapart.

8-16 Sep 2018

Pavillion F
Thessaloniki International Fair TIF
South Gate 2. YMCA (Hanth) Square
T +30 210 381 7517
Mon - Fri 16:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun 10:00 - 22:00
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