Five international performance artists at Beds project in Athens


Conceived and organised by artists Lucia Bricco and Iulia Ghita, Beds is an international project for performance art that is taking place in Athens from 29 September – 04 October 2021. Five artists from Lithuania, Finland, China, the United Kingdom and the USA are presenting an equal number of performances in public sites across the city, each chosen in relation to deeper similarities between the artist’s practice and the place they were assigned to work with. Plato’s Academy Park, a gym near Omonia, a basement in Metaksourgeio, the Prison of Socrates near the Acropolis and the former airport of Elliniko are being reinterpreted as intimate and personal spaces — a symbolic bed for each artist — wherein they present works that relate to three thematic pillars: place specificity, performance art and solidarity. In addition to the performances, the artists will talk about their work in two discussions that will be held in independent art spaces in Athens.

The detailed programme for the project is as follows:
Wednesday 29 September
19:00 Performance by Lukaskolm (LT) in Plato’s Academy Park, Monastiriou 138-140, Athens 10442

Thursday 30 September
18:00 Performance by Zoe Antypa (GR) in collaboration with Sandra Johnston (UK) at the Prison of Socrates, Rovertou Galli 39, Athens 11741
21:00 Artist roundtalk at Potential Project, Andrea Metaxa 25, Athens 10681

Saturday 02 October
17:00-19:00 Installation by Ximan Wang (CH) at the abandoned fountain in front of the former Elliniko Airport, Google pin:

Sunday 03 October
18:00 Performance by Antti-Juhani Manninen (FIN) at Omiridis Gym, 3is Septemvriou 19A, Athens 10432
21:00 Artist roundtalk at Noucmas Art Space, Kasou 3, Athens 11364

Monday 04 October
21:00 Performance by Macklin Kowal (USA) at Communitism, Keramikou 28, Athens 10436

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Performance by Lukaskolm, a participating artist of Beds