Balkans Today pop-up exhibition in Exarcheia


Shop windows all around the neighbourhood of Exarcheia become showcases for a large photography exhibition organised by Balkan Can Kino, a self-organised and collectively-run project promoting cinema and art education. The exhibition 'Balkans Today. The present of a wounded landscape' is curated by Evi Stamou and Pinelopi Thomaidi and presents the work of 26 photographers from 12 countries. Using life in the Balkans as a starting point, the exhibition seeks to reveal differences and similarities amongst Balkan nations, in an effort to promote collaboration and unity in the face of increasing xenophobia and nationalism.

Visitors can pick up a map from any of the spaces participating in the exhibition, or download the map here. There are also two free guided tours on Thursday and Friday at 17:45, for which booking is necessary at For more information and the full list of participating spaces and artists visit the official Balkan Can Kino website.

© Jeanne Frank. From her series They forgot to Treat Us
© Sylvan Dahlgrüen. From his series Shöke
© Petrut Calinescu. From his series Pride and Concrete
© Ilir Tsouko. From his series Errance
© Aggelos Barai. From his series Shqiperia Ime
© Laura Cnossen. From her series Manjaca
© Patrick Wack. From his series Minor Differences
© Lila Zotou. From his series Summer Diary
© Daniel Court. From his series Limina
© Ioanna Sakellaraki. From her series Balkans revisited
© Vedad Divovic. From his series Jesus, the Yugoslavs and the Creation of the World
© Thodoris Nikolaou. From his series Aimos

Balkans Today
Curated by Evi Stamou and Penelope Thomaidi
Extended until 25 October 2020

Various locations in Exarcheia, Athens

Official website

Text by Kiriakos Spirou
Photos courtesy of the photographers

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