Ano Theodoroglou at MEME


The intention for this residency is the in citu creation of a paper cut installation with approximate dimensions of 2x2x0.5m, within the space of MEME gallery.

The conceptual theme of the installation expresses the need of mobility for the feminine subjects. The social condition of femininity places restrictions in movement: where do we move, when do we move, how do we move as femininities is not something given, but a subject of restrictions and regulations. It has both physical and mental impact. From our fear to walk alone in the city late at night, to the difficulty of leaving behind situations of emotional and/or physical abuse, the realization that we need ways to escape and reclaim our mobility is striking.

The aim of this installation is to re-appropriate the concepts related to the mythological archetype of the Siren, the bird woman as well as create a symbolic pictorial language. This way we'll be able to address in clear terms the initial question, regarding feminine mobility. The siren figure gets a new approach, of self-owning and agency, not related with the traditional theme of the monstrous “seductress”. This approach asks many questions: "Why is not our right to move as we want to?" "Why can't we move with safety?" "How can we move together?" but most importantly "Where do we move to find ourselves?"

Artwork by Ano Theodoroglou

M2M8​ is a 28 hours residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. ​M2M8​ takes place in the ​MEME gallery, Keramikou 28, Metaxourgeio​. Starting on ​Sunday at 14:00​, an artist will occupy the MEME gallery, on ​Monday at 19:00 the gallery will be open for public for The Vernifinissage.

Artwork by Ano Theodoroglou
Artwork by Ano Theodoroglou

Ano Theodoroglou: Where do we move to find ourselves?
22 Apr 2019, 19:00

Keramikou 28,
Athens, 104 36
T +30 690 642 0597

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