Art-spotting like a local, online and in print.


The first art travel guide of its kind in Greece, und. Athens comes as a printed, foldable map available for sale at select bookstores, concept shops, art galleries and other locations. This map is the perfect companion for art-spotters and curious urban explorers during their visit to Athens. The map’s content is complemented by a dedicated journal and calendar with artist interviews, exhibition reviews and event announcements.

Through contemporary art and culture, locals and foreigners alike can discover a city thatʼs changing rapidly and in ways that cannot be immediately grasped: shifting demographics, unique architectural and urban-planning conditions and a shaky political landscape are shaping the city every day in a myriad ways, and particularly the way local artists think, create and talk about their work.

From the visual arts and design to dance, theatre, writing and more, und. Athens turns the spotlight on creative people, alternative art spaces and contemporary art projects, in an attempt to tell the story of a complex yet enthralling city through its art. If you haven’t fallen in love with Athens yet, now you will.


Published in April 2017
ISBN (print) 978-9963-2432-0-4

Founding Editor and Publisher: Kiriakos Spirou
Design: Natassa Pappa
Design Studio Intern: Marilia Kapetanaki
Editorial Assistant (online): Konstantinos Anastasiades
Editorial Assistant (print): Christina Dougeropoulou
Printer: Kostopoulos Printing
Website: Natassa Pappa and Phrase
Distribution: Anavasis

Special thanks to:

Angie Karatza, Anne Davidian, Attila and Sylvie, Augustus Veinoglou, Cathryn Drake, City of Athens, Christina Dougeropoulou, Christophoros Doulgeris, Constantinos Anastasiadis, Danai Giannoglou, Denise Araouzou, Eleftheria Tseliou, Elias Kafouros, Fotini Kapiri, Georg Georgagopoulos, George Anthoulakis, Giannis Mamoutzis, Giorgos Polizoidis, Haris Panousopoulos, Ioanna Alexopoulou, Kostas Kostopoulos, Lukas Panek and Paul Makowsky, Manolis Aggelakis, Marina Vranopoulou, Nikos Komninos, Paki Vlassopoulou and Chrysanthi Koumianaki and Kosmas Nikolaou, Panagiotis Ntaikos, Polis Ioannou, Stelios Karamanolis and Irini Miga and Tula Plumi and Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Thaleia Michelaki, Theodora Malamou, Vaggelis Papaioannou, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Zachos Varfis.